Our firm was founded with the name of Karınca Sworn-in Certified Public Accountancy Co. Ltd. in 2002. Yılmaz Kılıç and Ömer Bektaş are present among the staff as Certified Public Accountant and these persons proved their expertise also at the Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration. Except for the main staff, adequate assistant staff who have professional experience  also take part at the company. 
Growth and development that occured in our country during the last thirty years has naturally necessitated many changes on financial legislation. Frequency of financial arrangement and their being away from integrality complicate to follow-up of legislation for firms and professionals, but our company staff who know very well approaches of public authority and have capability of analysis always proved their expertise by producing accurate and reliable solutions.
Our company that works with service quality which is directed to the needs, benefits and result-orientated, with ethical stance, and also with the basic philosophy of neutrality, independence and reliability; has served to firms about the following issues with its eight years of experience and accumulation of twenty five years of our certified public accountant staff:
•Certifications of Tax
• Non-Tax Certifications
• Accounting – Audit and Consulting
• Tax Law and Consultancy oriented to the Tax Planning
• Solution of Tax Controversies
• Working Life and Business Law
• Applications of Turkish Trade Law
Mission of our company is giving qualified and reliable service which is at the national and international standarts,within the framework of independence and reliability. It is providing to be constituted of financial statements, which is produced at accountancies of foundations that we serve in this context, in the manner that will give sound, reliable and accurate information to public authorities, financial institutions and other third parties. It is our main aim that foundations we serve not conflict with public authoities. The creation of financial statements in the manner that will be encountered inspections of public authorities with minimum conflict constitute essence and main aim of our working.