Tax Accountancy Services

• Tax Certification Services
-Full Certification Services
It contains auditing and attestation of the accuracy of tax assesmsent according to the annual declaration of income and/or corporate taxpayers and uniform chart of accountancy account of the enclosed financial statements published by the Ministry of Finance, to procedural provisions of tax legislation and related tax law.
-Return of VAT/PCT Certification Services
It contains attestation of the accuracy of related receivables tax return which arising from handovers, that giving rise to the right to return, of the taxpayers of value added tax and private consumption tax.
-Certification of Tax Discounts , Exceptions and Exemptions 
It contains attestation of transactions utilizing depends on attestation report of CPA in various tax law. For instance, exception of gain on sale of real estate and participate shares exceeding a certain amount in corporation tax, R&D (research and development) discount certification attestation, exception of gain obtained from construction and technical installation works in abroad, attestation of that tax exemption circumstances, which is recognized by the Council of Ministers to foundations, have sustanied.
• Non-Tax Certification Services
-R & D Incentives
Concerning projects agreed to be supported by Tübitak, it is audit and compliance certification of expenses to be based on tax assessment of amount of support which to be paid by related corporation.
-Advertising Revenues Certification
It is evaluation and attestation of advertising revenues concerning accuracy of supreme council share to be paid to Radio and Television Supreme Council by radio and television organizations.
-Evaluations of Drug Prices
Preparation of the report as the result of the detection and evaluation of drug prices.
-Costing of Executory Products in the Catalog of S.P.S.O. (State Procurement and Supply Office)
It is investigation and evaluation report  about the companies that marketing of their products to public institutions by katalog of S.P.S.O. comply  with conditions of contract to  S.P.S.O. 
• Other Certifications
These are auditing and attestation services about issues on which certified public accountants are authorized within the framework of various provisions of the legislation.
• Accountancy – Audit And Consulting Services
-Organization of accounting department in terms of personnel and equipment and assessment of professional proficiency of staff
-Creation of order flow of business and document in accounting system, setting up of internal control systems
-Implementation procedures of managerial reporting techniques in enterprices
-Auditing and consulting services intended for implementation of financial structure and profitability analyses and corporate governance principles
-Consulting services on  mergers and acquisitions
-Valuation procedures about non-listed companies on acquisitions or purchases share
• Consulting Services Intended For Tax Law And Tax Planning
-Consulting services regarding to Investment Subsidy Legislation
-Consulting services regarding to Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange Legislation
-Consulting services regarding to Institutions with Foreign Capital
-Consulting services regarding to Tax Disputes
-Tax Review Consultancies
-Consultancies on disputes devolved on tax jurisdiction
-Representation services in Reconciliation Commissions
-Managerial Consulting and Auditing Services