Practices of Turkish Commercial Code (TCC)

• Corporate Bodies
Within the framework the procedures and principles of the Turkish Commercial Code, to prepare the main contracts of company, to activate company as the result of trade registry procedures.

• Procedures of Capital Improvement – Mitigation
After reporting transactions of capital assessments in accordance with procedures and principles of TCC in companies, to perform procedures of capital improvement - mitigation.

• General Assembly Services in Incorporated Companies
After the accounting period of incorporated companies, preparing of the documents necessary for the general assembly meetings and checking informations to be published.

• Company Liquidation Procedures
Providing the liquidation by implementing company s liquidation process duly in terms of Turkish Commercial Code and Tax Laws and also preparing the final liquidation report.

• Auditing Services within the framework Provisions of TCC
Auditing in incorporate and limited companies within the framework provisions of Turkish Commercial Code.

Making recommendations about provisions contrary to the statutory of the legislation and/or about matters contrary to the advantages of the company.