Work Life and Business Law Services

• Services related to The Employment of Workers
Beginning from the first employment of the first employment of personnel, to provide performing procedures such as employment contract, document of input to work ect. as accordingly legislation.
• Monthly Premium Service Certificates and Other Declarations
To be properly constituted payrolls of employees, monthly premium and service document given to social security institution, missing days notices, providing to give correctly the notices must be given to official institutions in a condition of quit.
• Calculation of Compensations of Precedence and Notice to be Paid in a Condition of Work Contract Defeasance
To be correctly calculated personal rights (compensation of precedence, compensation of notice, day off pay etc.), paid to personnel in a condition of work contract defeasance, considering reasons of defeasance  and  term of service.  
• Evaluation of Lowest Workmanship Proportions
With regard to construction and/or         undertaking works performed according to         legislation of social security institution, evaluation of whether especially construction      companies completed lowest workmanship rate determined by regulations or not             and editing of encumber report.